How to Make a Girl Want to Have Sex with You?

Making a woman feel the desire to have sex is actually a lot easier than most guys realize.

Make her feel sexually attracted to the way you are interacting with her


To make a woman want to have sex with you, the first and most obvious thing that you need to do is make her feel sexually attracted to you. A woman’s sexual attraction is mostly based on what you say and do in her presence.

For example:

  • Does your conversation style turn her on or turn her off?
  • Are you able to make her feel girly in your presence, or do you just make her feel like one of the guys or like a good friend?

Make it very clear that you find her sexually attractive

This is an essential thing to do when meeting a woman for the first time, getting to know her and when in a relationship. When a woman is having sex with you, she wants to feel truly sexy in your eyes. She wants to feel like she is fully accepted by you and that she is safe to be her true self. If she doesn’t feel that way around you, she will feel insecure and won’t be drawn to the idea of having sex with you. Call Girls in Delhi NCR are beautiful.

Build up the sexual tension

An exciting feeling that occurs when a man and woman feel sexual attraction for each other, but the escalation to sex is being delayed by them, the environment or situation. The perfect sexual tension with call girls Delhi.

Attract with your first touch like handshake

Hold her hand firmly, but gently and maintain eye contact as you keep holding her hand for about 5 seconds while you introduce yourself. She will feel turned on by the fact that you were relaxed, confident and didn’t rush to let go of her hand. Doing this is a display of confidence and masculinity that will immediately make her feel girly in your presence. The Delhi call girls are a life savior!

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